The fact is that the chiropractic experts are facing the challenge of letting their professions be known to many people; so that those who have been suffering from chronic back pain will find a suitable alternative, other than opoiod, with respect to the back conditions they have been suffering from for ages. It is important that education about chiropractic health should always start with the basic, so that those unfamiliar about it, will slowly get to imbibe the essential aspects of the practice—which then can be used to better their health.

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One thing that ordinary people should know about back pain is—–subluxations, which a form of dislocation or misalignment is. When such a misfortune happens, there will be that interruption of nerve messages and that the nervous system will surely be compromised in a way which will result to further health degradation. The good thing is that chiropractor is present to help.

Educate Your Patients About Subluxations With These 10 Simple Facts

Why is it so important for the nervous system to function optimally? The central nervous system is comprised of the brain and spinal cord that carry nerve signals to every cell, organ, system and muscle of the body. (In fact, your nerve signals can travel from the tip of your toe to the top of your head in less than 20 milliseconds at a speed of more than 120 meters/second!)

All of these nerve impulses travel through your spine, so subluxations distort the flow of these nerve communications. Once nerve flow is compromised, a host of health problems may occur, often without the person understanding the root cause of their symptoms. Therefore, keeping free of vertebral subluxations is essential for proper health.

When a part of your body doesn’t correctly receive signals through the nervous system, the cells in that area become unhealthy. Without those life-giving commands, there could be serious and even permanent health consequences. For instance, vertebral subluxation can lead to permanent damage, such as osteoarthritis, in as little as two weeks!
While injuries, trauma and physical stress may cause a lot of subluxations, in fact most subluxations are caused by the birth process! The average hospital birth involves about 90-120 lbs. of pull on the infant’s neck, causing trauma to both the brain stem and spinal cord that can result in vertebral subluxations later on.

How important is it to remove subluxations and allow your nervous system to function correctly? Even subluxations that exert pressure on the nerves equivalent to the weight of a nickel can reduce nerve impulses by up to 60%! Research shows that a spine with optimum alignment is up to 16 times stronger than a subluxated spine! More tips are found here from the original article…

One prime aspect when it comes to back health is that you should always look after the quality of your bones; the foundations of your bone health are something that will affect your back. Additionally, it is also researched that stomach bugs have something to play when it comes to bone health. And by that, single cell in the body plays a crucial role into maintaining the spectrum of good health.

Guts & Bones: Why Your Stomach Bugs Matter

In essence, when these bacteria get into your bloodstream, your body goes crazy to fight them. This activates what is known as the innate immune receptors which has effects throughout the entire body. This is how digestive health is relate to various health conditions including bone health, building and remodeling.

There are a number of vitamins and minerals essential to bone health including calcium, phosphorous, vitamin D, vitamin K2, vitamin A, magnesium and strontium.

When there is disruption of the gut microbiome, there is altered nutrient absorption. When the lining of the gut is disturbed, the nutrient transporters that exists along this lining cannot do their job. This results in individuals who are both overweight and at the same time malnourished. Read more details here…

Thus, there are so many things that are affecting the conditions of a person’s back. A chiropractor is therefore, the best resource person that can assist you with the services when it comes to maintaining good back health. It is also important to get the necessary information, so that you can fully be guided to maintain the healthy conditions of your back.

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