There is a branch of alternative medicine that is gaining the spotlight, as it is one that is able to help millions of people, and still a growing number, be lifted up from their dire situations. Chiropractic medicine is more than just a fad these days; there are a lot with back problems that have seemingly been cured with this alternative medicine. Fact is, it is though that the back is a super highway, where all the essential information are passing through, and that is why, there should be care applied to maintaining the integrity of the back.

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When you have been experiencing chronic back pain, the solution is not anymore confined to taking opoiods to somehow lessen the pain; back and spine manipulation through chiropractic medicine is the best deal that you can get through. When you want to be able to get back to your normal lifestyle, then never hesitate to see your chiropractor today.

October 1st Kicks Off National Chiropractic Health Month!

The good news is that chiropractors are on the front line of fighting that prescription painkiller epidemic, but it’s up to all of us in the industry to actively educate the public about chiropractic as a first option to treat musculoskeletal pain. It’s up to us to familiarize everyone with this safe, effective and conservative approach to pain management, as well as the benefits for overall health and quality of life.

So we encourage you to promote National Chiropractic Health Month any way you can, including through education blogs, images and posts on social media, contacting your local media with press releases and offers to appear on radio, TV and newspapers, and by hosting free seminars or giving talks in your community that raise awareness for the value of chiropractic care. Remember to use the hashtag #Chiropractic1st and please contact us if you need any content, data points, or help with your marketing and patient education. Read more here…

More people needs to be aware that they have other option than taking in opoiods to cure their back problems. It is essential that for chronic sufferers of back problems, they should be informed that chiropractic medicine is available for them. Certainly, there are health tips that you need to always follow through to improve the health of your back.

Back To School Tips

Backpacks have made some leaps and bounds forward, but the problem is our posture has made leaps and bounds backwards. Your backpack may be have shoulder straps filled with angel-dust-air-cushions, but if your posture is making you look like a neanderthal man, it’s not going to do you any good. Try to get a backpack with a hip strap that can shift the load to your hips as opposed to your shoulders.

Your liquid diet should not consist of alcohol (at least not in the morning, for crying out loud). Smoothies to the rescue! Try to get a good combination of proteins fats, and a moderate to small amount of carbohydrates. You want a high quality protein source. Sadly, salmon doesn’t work well in smoothies (no amount of mango can disguise the omega 3 cologne of that awesome fish).

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Thus, it is always encouraged that you listen to the different promotions with respect to chiropractic health, so that you will fully be informed about the essence of this form of medicine. There are certainly a lot of benefits that you will get along the way, and that you will surely value the awareness that you have had with this kind of alternative.

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