There are a lot of dietary choices that are available for anyone to try while under chiropractic sessions. You can get kale smoothies, or even have fried veggies, and snack on a bag of fruits; but have you ever asked yourself about the essentially of all these dietary choices? It is pretty certain that all these are making are dubious in a way. And that is why, the proper and right nutrition should always be paramount especially when you are active with your chiropractic sessions.

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Your chiropractic sessions should always go hand in hand with your nutrition so that you will achieve its full effect. It is imperative to see and make use of different supplements, as they are important aspect in shaping up your health. Thus, vitamin supplements have always been a staple to go hand in hand for chiropractic patients.

What Chiropractic Patients Ought To Know About Whole Food Supplements vs. Synthetic

Choosing a supplement regimen seems like a healthy trend, because of our perception they are good for us. How accurate is that, really?

The answer depends on the type of supplements you choose, as they vary widely from one brand to the next, and labels don’t necessarily give insight as to their quality. A good standard of practice is to choose whole food vitamins over synthetic whenever possible.

Why is that? Here are a few points to remember about whole food vs. synthetic vitamins.

Like processed foods, synthetic vitamins are not naturally occurring. Whole food vitamins operate on the principle that natural is easier for the body to absorb and use, so it ends up offering greater benefits. A synthetic multivitamin may show everything you think you need on the label, but if your body isn’t absorbing it, then taking it does little good.

Another point is that natural supplements tend to be easier to absorb. Vitamins and minerals are absorbed by the body in complex ways, often taking one type of mineral for the other to be digested. Whole food vitamins are real foods in their entirety, supplying the body’s need for the vitamins we understand as well as the secondary ingredients that make up the food. Conversely, synthetic vitamins isolate each separate vitamin, so the overall result is less effective. To know more, click here…

Yet, apart from nutrition, you can also rely on the fact that the chiropractic professionals, who you will be dealing with, are experts in fields such as traumatology as well as injury biomechanics. And that is why, you will experience that whatever kind of trauma you may have on your back, then it will surely be cured and alleviated.

Dr. Justin Jelen Becomes Certified in Whiplash Injury Biomechanics & Traumatology

Did you know that over three million whiplash injuries occur each year resulting from motor vehicle crashes? Of these whiplash injuries, 500,000 people will develop chronic pain, and up to 300,000 will have some degree of disability. Apart from the effect on health, there’s a significant cost to society. Approximately $43 billion of total annual HARM is attributable to whiplash and related injuries. (HARM is a metric for quantifying the total societal cost of road trauma.)

Dr. Justin Jelen of Hosmer Chiropractic Health says consumers need to be educated about the issues surrounding whiplash – both concerning its treatment and, importantly, its prevention. In order to more effectively treat persons injured in motor vehicle crashes, Dr. Jelen recently became certified in Whiplash and Brain Injury Traumatology through the Spine Research Institute of San Diego (SRISD), a research center devoted to the investigation of motor vehicle crash injury. Visit original article here:

At the end of the day, you will see that there are many interplays when it comes to care and rehabilitation essential for your back injuries. It is important to always make sure that you are doing what is needed to further get things into their right track.

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