Chiropractic care is something that people often view as a type of health care that is only used to help get the spine aligned. Once you know more about what the types of therapies that chiropractors offer, you will find out that chiropractic care offer a more in-depth type of treatment than you probably imagined. Here is some information on what types of therapies that chiropractors use to help ensure people get the relief from the different types of pain that they might be experiencing.

Adjustments is one of the first therapies that people think about when they go to a chiropractor. This type of treatment is carried out to try and get  the spinal cord properly aligned and therefore offers relief from pain caused by impinged nerves.

Chiropractic care goes quite a bit further than just adjustments though! Keep in mind that your chiropractor is a health expert and is highly trained in the science of anatomy and physiology. This therapy will involve exercises that people can do in the office, but also exercise that people can do at home as well. Face it, living in a chiropractors office is not possible so the amount of home exercises is going to make a difference in how well people heal from their injury.

Ice and heat are a couple of treatment options that people know they can do at home, but in most cases people are confused as to when they should be doing each. With the chiropractor they will provide the information on when these treatments should be performed and this is going to help people in getting the relief from the pain they are experiencing.

Electrical stimulation with a TENS unit is something people may have never thought about using before, but it does work. When people are using a TENS unit they often will feel the muscles being stimulated and this can provide relief to the muscles and help people start to feel better. With that being said, most chiropractors will use an in office treatment and an out of office treatment with the TENS units to help provide relief.

Massage therapy is something else that people need to consider. When people are getting a massage they tend to relax quite a bit and are able to get relief from their pain. Since this is the case, people will need to know they can get the massages at the chiropractors office and experience the pain relief they want to have.

Traction is an old therapy session that has quite a bit of theory and study behind it. When people are in traction, they will often find they are going to get relief from the pain in their back, but also have a chance to get some time to heal their muscles.

Chiropractors are often seen as a type of medicine that is meant for the bones, but their is so much more to a chiropractor. With the chiropractors they tend to have the ability to treat muscle conditions, spinal conditions, and even problems with the joints. All of these combined make a chiropractor one of the leading experts in medical care for injuries.

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