Considering Seeing Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain?

The shoulder is a marvel of mechanical genius; of all the joints in the body it has the greatest range of motion. Its elaborate design allows the arm and hand to perform many functions and assume many complex positions that our daily lives would be difficult – and even impossible – without.

Nevertheless, although the design is both flexible and powerful it is also very delicate and small problems in the shoulder’s mechanics can hamper the strength and motion of the joint. This often leads to pain on a varying scale of severity as well as inflammation of the joint tissues and muscles.

Joints and mobility are the chiropractor’s area of expertise; this is why many people will visit the chiropractic for shoulder pain. There is a wealth of experience and skill in addressing the shoulders and their delicate function.

The treatment you will receive will depend largely on the specifics of the individual’s condition but patients seeking recourse for shoulder pain will significantly increase their chances of speedy recovery by addressing shoulder pain as early as possible.

When Should I See the Chiropractor for Shoulder Pain?

Because of the delicate nature of the shoulder; it is generally a good idea to have issues that affect mobility or cause discomfort checked by a medical professional as early as possible so as to remedy any malfunctions before the situation is aggravated beyond repair.

Individuals suffering from shoulder pain should seek immediate attention if any of the following scenarios are true for them:

  • Pain in the shoulders has persisted for more than 2 days.
  • Pain in the shoulders comes and goes over periods of time, even if the discomfort eventually settles itself and ceases temporarily.
  • Discomfort interferes with your ability to grasp and carry objects, even if only slightly.
  • Injuries that cause the muscles or joints to protrude in abnormal ways or exhibit other discoloring or deformations.
  • Pains that come when the joint and muscles are at rest, when sleeping for instance.
  • Diminished range of motion; inability to raise arms or reach in a certain direction.

How can I expect my Chiropractor to address my Shoulder Pain?

The response must of course be appropriate to the condition, but the first task your chiropractor will face will be to reduce the inflammation and pain thus restoring a large measure of mobility. In order to accomplish this, chiropractors use a variety of different implements and techniques, these include heat and ice treatment, ultrasonics, electrical muscle stimulation, etc.

The root causes of the condition will be addressed with certain exercises and hands on adjustments that are applied not only to the shoulder but the interconnected muscles and joints of the area, including the spine and neck.

These mobilizations and adjustments will work to restore the natural biomechanics of the shoulders joint and muscle function

These chiropractic adjustments and therapies may continue for as much as 2-6 months – depending on the needs of the situation – during which time the chiropractor may assign exercises and mobilizations to practice at home. It is imperative that the process is completed to ensure the restoration of your shoulder; the success of the treatment depends on it.

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